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Top 5 Bodybuilding Tips For Fitness Enthusiasts

Having a healthy, well-toned body and a curved rock-hard abdomen is a dream for many, and a reality for the hard-working few. The good news is that anyone can have a great body if they want to. All it takes is regular exercise, a healthy diet and a positive can-do attitude. The following are 5 bodybuilding tips to help you get the type of physique you've been dreaming of.

i) Make a Plan

You cannot achieve anything in life without a plan. A fitness plan will guide you through the entire process until you get the outcome you desire. Your plan should be simple and easy to follow. It should have two parts - a workout plan and a diet plan. There are 7 days in a week and your plan should dictate the types of exercises you will be doing on the three days you'll be working out as well as what you will be eating every single day. By having a plan, you can easily measure your progress and avoid scheduling conflicts. The plan should also have timelines and goals you hope to have achieved by those dates.

ii) Buy Your Own Equipment

While it's recommended you join a local gym to build your body, gym subscriptions are often costly. Besides, you may not always be able to go to the gym, especially if you have a busy schedule or when the weather is not conducive. For this reason, you may want to buy your own gym equipment and set up a small home gym in your back yard. The three most important equipment you will need are; dumb bells, bar bells and a bench press.

iii) Eat Right

In your fitness plan, you should indicate the types of meals you will be eating on each day of the week. Ideally, you should alternate between plant and animal proteins. Be sure to also eat different types of fruits and vegetables on different days. Your carbohydrates should also come from a variety of sources to ensure you get all the nutrients the body needs. Remember to also drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily as your body will need a lot of water to replenish what is lost.

iv) Get a Lot of Rest

Sleeping or relaxing by the pool comes highly recommended during your fitness program. This is because the body needs time to repair worn out tissues and grow. At least 7 hours of sleep is recommended every night.

v) Cardio Workout Sessions can Help

Weight training exercises only build your muscles, but you also need to exercise both your heart and lungs, among other types of internal body organs. For this reason, you should have at least one or two cardio sessions per week. This may involve swimming exercises or jogging slowly for several miles.

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Bodybuilding Tips For Starting Out
For the most part, intermediate and advanced bodybuilders are generally well catered for by contemporary muscle magazines. But the highly technical terminology used in the contents of such publication could appear frightening and complicated to the average beginner. Bodybuilding isn't hard though; anyone wishing to commence weight training simply needs a few general tips during the initial stages.

What Tools Are Required?

For the equipment, you'll basically need:  barbells or dumbbells, some squat racks, a sturdy bench and training apparel. It would be advisable to have a variety of discs. Small ones are vital for progression because one only adds them when extra resistance becomes necessary for the growing muscles.

The Schedule

A beginner's regimen shouldn't take more than an hour to complete. If a routine lasts longer, it could either be due to too much intensity or taking too long between activities. It's healthier to move fast from one workout to the next as opposed to taking long breaks which results in cool down of muscles. Additionally, a few minutes of stretching would be vital to help you prepare for tougher exercises later on. It not only helps prevent injury, but also gets circulation moving.

In bodybuilding circles, a single complete movement of an exercise is known as a rep. The general rule for how many reps should be performed varies according to the objective. For strength training, low reps (3-6) are generally used while medium reps (6 to 12) are ideal for those looking to stimulate growth. The chosen number of reps then make up one set. Beginners are advised to use only a single set of each activity. More sets can be incorporated into one's routine when the general condition of their muscles improves.

An intermediate trainer may progress to 3 or 4 sets after about 6 months, while advanced bodybuilders may use up to 10 sets of each workout. For convenience purposes, sets and reps are usually written as 4 X 10, in this case referring to four sets of ten reps.

That said, a beginner can train more regularly when compared to intermediates and advanced bodybuilders. This is because as one progresses, they learn to push muscles harder, and hence take longer to recover. On the other hand, beginners can bounce back quicker since they don't exert much toll on their muscles. As such, you can try working out twice a week instead of training every muscle group once per week.

A single set made up of 12 repetitions with about 25kg of weight should be enough for a beginner. This especially applies if one is unsure of their strength. It takes several workouts to discover how much weight to use in the early schedules. Instead of rushing through things to hurry progress, making slow but constant progress with gradual increases would be more helpful.

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